ADCC German Open Schedule and Info


+++Important Info for all ADCC Competitors+++

To guarantee a smooth and professional experience at this year’s ADCC German Open Championships on April 30th in Herrenberg we ask you to please read and follow all the given information in this article.

Covid 19

Currently we have no governmental restrictions but we strongly advise you to follow these simple rules:

  1. Don’t come to the venue when you experience any symptoms of an illness
  2. You are free to wear a facemask at any time, except for warm-up, your matches or the award ceremony
  3. Please sanitize your hands


H+ Hotel in Herrenberg is completely booked out. We recommend searching on for a conveniant Hotel in the area.



  1. All competitors are allowed to weight-in on Friday, April 29th, in the venue, starting 6 p.m. and closing 9 p.m. Please bring a valid ID (Passport, ID Card) to the weight-ins. Weight-in must be done barefeet in Fight-Clothes (Shorts/Spats and eventual Rashguard). Fighters who weight-in topless must fight topless in competiton. Female fighters MUST wear a Rashguard or Sportsbra.
  2. Fighters, who haven’t done the weight-in on Friday are asked to come to the weight-in on Saturday, April 30th, starting at 9 a.m. All fighters must have their weight checked and cleared at least 15 minutes their division starts but not later than 12 p.m. (noon) this day.
  3. We will have three scales and weight-in points ready on both days.
  4. After successful weight-in all competitors will be given a wristband they have to wear all day until their first match. Before the first match the wristband will be taken off only by the Referee on each mat. You will not be allowed to fight if you don’t wear your wristband when you enter the mat for your first match.


  1. Only 1 Coach per Team is allowed to enter the venue! No exceptions. Every coach will get a wristband she/he has to wear all day during the stay in the venue.
  2. Boys and Girls under the age of 14 are allowed to have one parent with them for competition. Wristbands will be given to them at the weight-in. The parent has to accompany their kids to the weight-in to get that wristband.
  3. No spectators or other companions are allowed to the event. This is a non-public event. We will provide a free Livestream of all fights on all four mats via Sportdeutschland.TV, so all your friends and family can watch your fights live and free.


  1. We organize our event with Smoothcomp and we ask all coaches and fighters to check their times in the event schedule and mat schedule on Smoothcomp. When you are not weighed-in 15 minutes prior to your class starts the weight-in will be closed and you will be automatically disqualified.
  2. After April 3rd 2022 you cannot cancel your registration with a refund of competition fee.
  3. When the schedule shows a sign „Go to Bull Penn“ for your match you should move to the warm-up area right next to the fighting area.
  4. When the schedule shows a sign „Be ready in Bull Penn“ you must be in the warm-up area ready to step on the mat for your fight. You will be called only once to come to the mat for your fight and when you don’t show up immediately you will be declared the looser of the match.
  5. We will post a schedule of the event on Smoothcomp 2 days prior to the competition with all brackets released. We ask all fighters to come to the venue only for the weight-ins and to 30 minutes prior their Age- and Level- Classes start. We will have all minors under 18 years of age and all male adults over 45 years of age fight in the morning, followed by all Beginners Classes of Adults. We will after that proceed with the Intermediate Divisons and finally have all Professional Divisions in the late afternoon.

Merging of Classes/Only one Competitor in a class

  1. You can follow all registrations easily on Smoothcomp. When you have no opponent in your division you are free to move your registration to another class or age group until April 26th 11:59 p.m. Registrations closes when we reach 400 competitors or on April 25th 11:59 p.m. After the registration is closed you can change your weightclass until April 26th 11:59 p.m to find an opponent.
  2. If you are alone in your age- and weight-class in your division we will move your registration on April 27th by either one weight-class up/down or by one age group down (Masters adults only). If this is not possible you will stay in this weight-class and you will be awarded the Gold Medal in this group.
  3. You have to weight-in in time within the limits of this weight-class. When you are over the weight-limit of this class you will be disqualified and will not get the Gold Medal in this class.
  4. After having successfully weighed in in your weight-class and you are the only competitor you will receive the Gold Medal during the Award Ceremony on April 30th noon when the first Award Ceremonies will be done after the Kids and Masters II divisions have fought.
  5. For competitors, who have got the Gold Medal without fighting no points for the „Best Team“ Scoring will be given.

Best Team

The big Trophy for „Best Team“ will be given by ADCC Germany to the Team/Affiliation, who scored the most points with its athletes during competition. Points are automatically calculated by the Smoothcomp Software regarding the following:

  1. Any 1st Place scores 5 Points
  2. Any 2nd Place scores 3 Points
  3. Any 3rd Place scores 1 Points
  4. Goldmedals without fighting do not score points.

The results for „Best Team“ will be automatically calculated after the last Award Ceremony in the evening after the end of competition and we will give also Gold-, Silver- and Bronce Medals to the Team Representatives of the winning Teams additionally.

MatGuerilla Booth

Our sponsor MatGuerilla has a big booth next to the competition area, where you can buy NoGi Fightwear like Fightshorts and Rashguards. An official ADCC Germany Rashguard will be available in very limited quantity. MatGuerilla accepts cash and credit card payments on the event day. If you want to order some gear before the competition please make sure to visit the official Brand Store of MatGuerilla where you can order your gear and you can select to pick-up your order on the event day at the MatGuerilla Booth.

Any news or updates to this event will be published here on Kakutogi in english language, as this is an international event.

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