2024 is your chance!

Why are you fighting?

Why do you fight? What drives you to train and work on yourself every day? I'm sure your motivation is not much different from mine. You want to be the best, see the world, spend time with good people and keep developing. I've been fighting for over 40 years now and I still can't imagine stopping. My upcoming competition in Thailand at the ADCC Phuket Open in March is a perfect example of this. Two weeks of training, working on yourself and finally competing against strong international competition. And all against a fantastic backdrop in one of the most beautiful vacation paradises in the world. Perfect!

It has always been important to me personally to compete in competitions that help me to further my ambitions. For this reason, it has always been important to me to only work for the best and most prestigious organizations in order to offer athletes in our country the opportunities that I never had in the "Wild West" days of the sport. And of course I inevitably ended up with ADCC and Shooto.

ADCC Germany

After I was allowed to fight with ADCC at the world championships in Abu Dhabi in 2001, it was clear to me that this association was definitely the "gold standard" in grappling and jiu-jitsu. The fact that 15 years later I myself became a representative for ADCC I would never have dreamed of being in Germany back then. But working for the No. 1 in the world is also a big responsibility and so it was clear to me that we had to do much more in Germany than just organize one or two tournaments a year. In order to bring German fighters to the top internationally, athletes must have the opportunity to fight at ADCC in Germany all year round. Only routine grinds talent into skill.

Shooto Germany

When I saw the first videotapes (yes, they used to exist) of Shooto in Japan at the end of the 90s, I was hooked. That was what real fighting meant to me. I watched all the fights of Rumina Sato, Caol Uno, Hayato Sakurai and Takanori Gomi countless times. In 2009 I became the representative for Shooto in Germany through Martijn de Jong's OC and in the meantime I was able to build a good bridge between Germany and Japan in Shooto. The fact that I was able to fight my last professional fight in MMA against the All Japan Shooto Champion Kochi Takeuchi and win it in front of my idol Enson Inoue in Germany made a lifelong dream of mine come true. For this reason, it has always been important to me to promote and advance amateur sport in Germany, including MMA. The successes of our athletes from Germany at European Championships and the All Japan Shooto Championships prove that I have also taken the right path here.

What should you do?

The runner runs, the swimmer swims and the fighter fights. And as often as they can. Because as I said: "Repetition is the mother of all skills". Only those who fight frequently can recognize their mistakes and weaknesses, work on them and ultimately improve. Of course you can choose your tournament. And of course everyone wants to win and no one wants to lose. But that's not possible. Facing the best and taking the risk of defeat is essential for personal development. Set yourself high goals and then start walking your rocky path! I have two possible goals for you for 2024:

ADCC Amateur World Championships 2024

The ADCC Amateur World Championships will be held in Poland for the first time this year. This is a historic opportunity to kick-start your career in 2024. Anyone who stands on the podium here is definitely one of the best and most respected grapplers in the world. But just the prospect of being able to compete with the best of the best from all over the world should already get your pulse racing. The world championships are definitely a goal that you should set your sights on.

All Japan Shooto Championships 2024

This tournament is definitely the benchmark for amateur MMA worldwide. Whoever wins here can look forward to a professional contract with One FC, the largest organization in the world. And the prestige that comes with it is second to none, especially in Asia. The technical level is unparalleled and as a fighter at the All Japan Shooto Championships you will certainly be expected to give your all. THIS is exactly the "proving ground" you have always been looking for as a real fighter.

What are your next steps on this path?


Register for the events of Shooto Germany and ADCC Germany in the first half of 2024! Sign up today and don't put it off. About our Federation platform Kakutogi On Smoothcomp you will find all events of ADCC Germany and Shooto Germany and can register quickly and securely for participation.

As soon as you have the dates "in your head", you will train differently, eat better and automatically improve. You will work on your fitness, you will pursue a goal and you will face your thoughts. You will work on yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Every day. You will become what you call yourself: a fighter! Fighters are not those who always win, but they are those who always fight. And success will inevitably come with this attitude. You will win, but you will also grow from your defeats. We offer you the safe and right framework for this with the leading organizations worldwide. See you at the next competition!

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