"45 minutes" and the thought behind it

The pandemic demands a great deal of discipline, responsibility and solidarity from us. Social contacts are reduced to an absolute minimum, one is stuck in "house arrest" and waits for things to come. And above all, the fact that you can't practice your beloved sport properly is the famous straw that breaks the camel's back for many. However, I know that numerous students of ours meet two at a time in private and roll diligently in home gyms. And this is where "45 minutes" an...

What if you could invite your trainer to your home just to roll with him for 45 minutes non-stop? Really work out again! Finally get some good feedback from the trainer and "talk shop"! And you can let the camera run and make these 45 minutes available to everyone here in the community.

I meet privately with members of our team ,who invite me to their home to roll together. So that everyone gets something out of it, the entire session is always posted online by me here in the community in the "45 minutes" course. The benefit is obvious: you often only see your own mistakes in others and you usually recognize problematic situations better when you look at them from a distance. Instead of watching N....ix, you can do something good for yourself and your game and invest 45 minutes of time to improve yourself.

I wish you a lot of fun with the episodes of "45 minutes" and of course I'm happy about every invitation to the "home gyms" at home to you. Just write me here in the community about my Profile a message and we make a difference.

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