Win 7×2 VIP tickets for SHOOTO KINGS

SHOOTO KINGS VIII: Samurai Spirit on Saturday, May 18, 2019 in the Reutlingen Wittumhalle will again be a feast for every true fight fan! Who still wants to get hold of tickets for the event, should hold on, because already 75% of the coveted tickets are gone. Tickets are available either through the participating professional fighters and in their gyms or online here on our website. In the online store, however, only for the categories 3rd +4th row (39.90 euros) or 5th + 6th row (29.90 euros). Especially the VIP tickets are sold out. Completely? No, we have set aside a contingent of 14 tickets in the VIP category to reward our loyal fans.

Since today runs on the Facebook event page a great competition, which gives you the opportunity to win 2 VIP tickets every day for a week. Be live at the great fights as guests of SHOOTO KINGS!

Conditions of participation:

1. click "Participates" in the event
2. share event publicly on Facebook and
3. Mark the person you want to take to the event.
4. comment the answer in the event directly under the picture with the question.

The legal process is excluded. No payment of tickets. The tickets will be deposited in the name of the winner and the accompanying person at the box office!

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