Absolute record number of participants at SHOOTO

Shooto Germany enters its 15th round on May 12th with Rookies and once again has a record number of participants. So many participants have registered that we have now had to set a participant limit of 75. This means that all classes will be extremely well-staffed and fighters from Switzerland, France and all over Germany have registered so far. There is currently only one starting place left. So if you really want to be there, you should complete your registration immediately so that you can be sure of a place at the start. Shooto Rookies 15 will be at the start on May 12, 2024.

Tickets for spectators

Tickets for spectators can be purchased at the box office from 13:30. As we were sold out last time, we have increased the number of seats and recommend that all teams reserve tickets in advance. With an e-mail to peter@angerer.pro the teams can buy tickets for seats (19,90 Euro) and standing room (9,90 Euro) and pick them up directly at the weigh-in. We will definitely be completely sold out again and we especially want the fans and friends of the teams to get their tickets so that they can cheer on their fighters during the fights.

There will be well over 50 tough fights to watch. The tickets are really worth every penny and you get plenty of action for your money.

ROOKIES 16 directly in June

Since we want to give all interested fighters the opportunity to participate regularly, we have decided to hold Shooto Rookies 16 at the same time as SHOOTO Contenders 34 on June 30th. However, we will work with participant limits in the future in order to guarantee a smooth and professional process. It is therefore advisable to register for the Shooto events as early as possible. This is the only way to ensure that you will be there.

Registration Shooto Rookies 16

Registration Shooto Contenders XXXIV

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