Voting for the German Top Team Award 2020

The die is cast, at least in terms of nominations. For three and a half weeks you had the chance to nominate your top favorite trainer, coach or fighter in seven different categories for the "German Top Team Award 2020".

After reviewing all the nominations, I have - as best I can - allowed only one athlete from each team in each category. Then I always chose the fighter with the higher graduation, or the greater competition successes.

Voting opens today at 6pm and closes next Sunday at 12 noon. Also next Sunday, the results will then be published here on the community page and the winners announced.

Please note that EVERYONE is only allowed to vote once. I have taken appropriate precautions to ensure that everyone can really only vote once, but of course any precaution can be undermined. If I find any such behavior, I will cancel the election and declare it invalid. So please be fair and cast your votes only once in the seven categories.

EVERYONE can vote, no matter if member, friend, family or fan. The vote will take place publicly here in this post. So you can share the link to the post via social networks or messages in Whatsapp and similar messaging services and use it to catch votes.

I keep my fingers crossed for all of you, because everyone who is standing here for the election deserves to win. I am proud of you! And now get to the keys and dig in!


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