Academy of the Year: Stallion Gym

Stallion Gym

ADCC Germany Best Academy: Stallion Gym

Which school is ahead in Germany when it comes to ADCC Germany goes? Clearly the Stallion Gym! The fighters from one of Germany's most renowned MMA gyms have won an incredible 7 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze medals. Fans will remember the fights of UFC veteran Alan Omer and MMA veteran Robert Westermann in particular, as well as the grappling and BJJ fights of the infamous Artukovic brothers Franjo, Dominik and Martin. The brothers have been familiar faces on the podiums of all events in Germany for years.

Stallion Gym Herrenberg wins on its own doorstep

Especially the fighters from the Herrenberg Stallion Gym are always to be found on the podium at ADCC events. What could be more fitting than at the direct neighbor and competitor German Top Team Performance Center to be victorious in Herrenberg? The fighters from Stallion Gym gladly accepted this challenge and mastered it with flying colors. We look forward to another strong competition in Herrenberg next year and exciting matches on the mats with the fighters from Stallion Gym.

MMA Erding and MMA Spirit in the places

The results of the gym list in this ranking read like a "Who's Who" of German MMA schools. With 8 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze medals, MMA Erding made it to second place in the "Best Academy" ranking. A more than impressive performance by the Bavarian fighters, who also won the ADCC Super Series III as "Best Team". MMA Spirit is in 3rd place with 9 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals, only just behind MMA Erding. Above all, MMA Spirit's grappling coach Mehdi Meziri ensured that MMA Spirit is on the podium in this category with his numerous medals.

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