ADCC Amateur World Championships 2024


ADCC history will be made again in Poland from May 25-26, 2024! The first Amateur World Championships of ADCC will be held in Warsaw and fighters from all over the world will travel to Poland to compete in this prestigious event. Of course there will also be ADCC Germany athletes to this event and will be represented by a national team for the first time. Of course, participation is open to athletes from all over the world, but ADCC Germany will sponsor and specifically promote a selection of athletes.

For this purpose, the performances of up to 10 fighters from all over Germany from the 2023 season will be evaluated with the performances at the first two events of the year and finally a national team of ADCC Germany will be formed.

On March 16, ambitious grapplers will once again have the opportunity to put their skills to the test in Germany. At the Super Series V In addition to the prize money, it's also about points in the rankings and, of course, about putting in an impressive performance for Team Germany in Poland.

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Just two weeks before the event, you will have another opportunity for a dress rehearsal at the ADCC German Open Championships. Anyone who finishes on the podium at what is probably the most important ADCC tournament in Germany has a good chance of making it onto Team Germany.

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