ADCC on UFC Fight Pass worldwide starting 2023

UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass with exclusive deal for ADCC

The bombshell hit! As ADCC Europe President Marko Leisten told me in a phone call ADCC has signed an exclusive contract with UFC Fight Pass closed for several years. A novelty that will also affect the events of ADCC Germany Impacts.

Over 40 ADCC events a year are broadcast via the UFC streaming website. According to Marko Leisten, the streaming portal reaches around 270 million households worldwide. An incredible leap in media reach for the No. 1 grappling sport.

This is an enormous boost for local event organizers in particular. Thanks to the first-class media reach, sponsorship deals can of course also be negotiated differently.

Currently, a few select events are going live on the UFC's streaming site. In coordination with the country representatives, a plan will be put in place over the next few months by ADCC to determine which events will be streamed live and available in the UFC Fight Pass library.


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