ADCC German Open 2023: Registration closes in four days!

adcombat ADCC German Open

ADCC German Open 2023 Registration only until Thursday

Only up to and including this Thursday you can register for the upcoming ADCC German Open Championships 2023, after that the registration is closed and the brackets will be created. Also at this event drives ADCC Germany big guns again for the participants to offer all fighters as professional an experience as possible.

Registration ADCC German Open Championships


Division of the fighting days

On Saturday, 20.05. all Beginners classes, as well as all Intermediate Children, Women and Masters classes will fight. Sunday will be reserved exclusively for the Intermediate Adults and all Professionals. This will make the competition extremely equalized and easier to plan for all participants and teams. Fighters can be better and more targeted care and above all media-technically this separation has become necessary.

Livestream ADCC German Open Championships 2023

Because of course there will be a livestream of all fights again. ADCC has been broadcast worldwide on UFC Fight Pass since this year. While this year only a few selected events are included, next year almost all open events will be broadcast to 270 million households worldwide.

In preparation for this, ADCC Germany has taken some far-reaching measures for this German Open. With Sami Sakko and Tero Pyylampo two Finnish A-class referees will be flown in from Helsinki for this event, so that the referees in Germany will be trained again. In addition, the two A-class referees will referee and supervise the majority of the professional fights on Sunday.

The livestream of all fights will be provided by ADCC Germany as usual via SportsGermany.TV realized and is supported by the Gothaer Neckar-Alb District Office and from Gym 24 sponsored. All fights on Sunday will be commented live and all winners of the classes will be interviewed and of course these interviews will be broadcast in a separate stream. We will offer the livestream on Friday on the home page here on Kakutogi.

ADCC Germany Rashguards available from MatGuerilla

Exclusively there are next to the fantastic and superlight Fightshort from MatGuerilla at the competition of course also exclusively to buy the ADCC Germany Rashguards at the MatGuerilla booth. If you want to secure your rashguard in your size in advance, you can still buy today and tomorrow in the Pick-Up Pre-Order on the MatGuerilla website and then pick up your order at the booth directly at the event. All pre-orders will be delivered in a MatGuerilla gym bag with a free base cap from MatGuerilla.

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