ADCC German Open Championships 2021


In the last 18 months, a safe and orderly execution of athletic competitions in popular sports in Germany was almost impossible. The Corona pandemic had a stranglehold on the whole world and besides the Olympic Games and even the European Football Championship, countless martial arts competitions in Germany had to be cancelled.

Thanks to the efforts of our federal government and the cooperation of each and every one of us, we are now slowly and gradually returning to normalcy. After we started with "Rising Sun" could hold grappling competitions even during the hard lockdown, now our "battleship", the ADCC German Open Championships, will follow again in the fall of 2021. Most recently, the event brought 240 athletes from 32 countries to Reutlingen in 2019. The city on the Echaz thus advanced to the national navel of grappling at competition level. Now, in September/October, this very tournament is finally to enrich the national and international tournament scene again.

Currently we are still looking for a suitable event location in Reutlingen, where we will hold the competition with athletes from all over the world in compliance with all safety and hygiene standards. However, it is certain that the competition will definitely take place again in the "Ländle" this fall after the summer vacations.

We will show you here on Kakutogi keep you informed about further developments.

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