ADCC German Open will be record event!

3 months before the ADCC German Open Championships on 30.04.2022 in the Gym 24 in Herrenberg is clear: this will be an absolute record event! So far, there are already over 300 registrations in the tournament! We remember that at the last event in 2019 we had a total of only 240 starters. From experience, the majority of athletes register only shortly before the event, which suggests that we have to pull the rip cord before this event, when 400 entries are reached.

The ADCC Germany Orga Team is currently in top form. A livestream of all three mats, customized and printed mat surfaces, championship belts, custom made medals and some more surprises await the participants. In addition, a free rapid test will be provided for all athletes and support staff and conducted by qualified personnel to ensure the safety of the athletes.

So you should not wait too long with your registration if you want to be sure to be able to participate. Only fully paid registrations are safe and guarantee the athletes their place in the tournament. We here at Kakutogi will keep you up to date with the news about the event.

Registration ADCC German Open Championships 2022

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