ADCC Germany at "Rising Sun

ADCC Germany

Livestream on Sport Germany TV

The planned "Rising Sun" event is already making waves in the scene. Especially the confirmed free livestream of the event via already makes the hearts of numerous martial arts fans beat faster. This great collaboration was made possible by the commitment of the Gothaer agency Deile in Reutlingen, which is also an exemplary sponsor of the event.

From the point of view of the association ADCC Germany one becomes active and present here again for the first time since the 1st Lockdown and would like to celebrate this of course with a bang. In addition to individual superfights of renowned fighters who have been successful at ADCC so far, two tournament duels are planned.

5vs5 Grappling Team Survival

This is an absolute highlight for all grappling fans! Two teams with 5 fighters each will compete in a direct team duel along the lines of "Quintet" compete against each other. Unlike "Quintet", however, the athletes will be judged according to ADCC Pro Rules compete against each other, otherwise the mode remains true to the successful concept of "Quintet". The hosts and team winners of the ADCC German Open Championships 2019 from the German Top Team have already formed a team and will name 5 fighters with a maximum weight of 430 kg in total shortly. They will meet a team of challengers and fight for the first time in this format, which is new for Germany.

BJJ 4 man tournament

According to ADCC Intermediate Rules (allowed techniques), but in kimono, it is then in a 4-man tournament for the victory in this discipline in the infamous Submission-Only format. This means that a victory can only be achieved by a submission in the regular fighting time of 5 minutes or then in the "Sudden Death" round of 2×1 minutes. If no winner is determined by a submission in the total 7 minutes, the three judges will decide the victory in the duel.


In addition, individual Superfights are planned according to ADCC Pro Rules over a fighting time of 10 minutes. These Superfights will be scored according to the generally valid rules of ADCC with points in the 2nd half of the fight. Interested athletes can also apply and be registered for the squad via the application form. 

It remains to mention that only Squad athletes from ADCC Germany may compete in the official fights in the framework of "Rising Sun". Interested athletes who meet the criteria and requirements for inclusion in the squad, can still apply until 08.02.2021 via our Application form apply for free admission to the squad.

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