ADCC Germany Dates 2023

ADCC Germany dates

ADCC Germany dates for the entire 2023 season

ADCC Germany held three strong events last season, and with its livestreams on the Kakutogi channel at Sportdeutschland.TV reached over 10,000 viewers live around the world with it. The success of the past season has shown that it is still possible to take things up a notch in 2023 and accept constructive criticism for improvement.

In 2023, there will be a total of four official ADCC events in Germany. The second edition of the Super Series, where athletes from all over Europe can fight for championship belts, championship rings, medals and prize money, will start on February 4.

Registration ADCC German Open Super Series II 2023

ADCC German Open Super Series

In mid-May, the ADCC German Open Championships will follow, probably the biggest event of ADCC Germany. This year, the registration had to be closed after 400 entries, because they were not prepared for such a rush. More than 200 athletes from all over the world could not compete because they had not yet completed their registration. Of course, this should change this year. With the usual professional organization, but with the addition of a great podium and more warm-up areas for the athletes, the German Open will take place over two days this year - i.e. over a whole weekend.

Registration ADCC German Open Championships 2023

In mid-July, the national championships of the association will follow, which is reserved exclusively for fighters from Germany and German teams. This competition is the official national championships of ADCC in Germany and probably the most prestigious national tournament in submission fighting.

Registration ADCC German National Championships 2023

Until then on 07.10.2023 with the Super Series III the last event of the year heralds the end of the season and gives the athletes for the last time the chance to fight for the coveted honors in front of a live audience worldwide.

Registration ADCC Super Series III 2023

Major expansion of the Gym 24 Performance Center in Herrenberg, Germany

At the beginning of January, the expansion of the Performance Center in the Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg be completed. With a greatly improved location for the events of ADCC Germany we want to continue to meet the demands of the athletes and thus advance the sport of grappling in Germany at the No. 1 worldwide.

We wish all athletes and teams, who participated in the ADCC events this year, a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year 2023. We are looking forward to welcoming you back on our mats.

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