The management of ADCC Germany


Peter Angerer


A Luta Livre black belt himself, he is a veteran of the 2001 ADCC World Championships and managed to get an official European ADCC Championship held in Germany for the first time in 2016. Under his Management the ADCC tournaments in Germany grew steadily and were already praised by official observers of the world federation on site in Germany for their professionalism and organization. 

Bruno Rico

Tournament Director

There is probably no man in Germany who has managed and organized more tournaments and events than our "Oyabun" Bruno Rico. With heart, soul, a lot of organizational talent and a five-language tongue, he is an immeasurably valuable support for all ADCC events in Germany. His expertise and his decisiveness even in dicey situations secure the events of ADCC in Germany. 

Daniel Brauchle

Press spokesman

Daniel is a true veteran in the German grappling and BJJ scene. The Blackbelt is a true tournament globetrotter and has excellent contacts in the German-speaking grappling community. Coupled with a rich knowledge of the event culture throughout Europe, Daniel is the right man to be heard as the voice of ADCC Germany in the social media and on the respective news portals. 

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