ADCC goes strong 2023!

ADCC German Open Championships 2023

ADCC Germany expands tournament schedule tremendously in 2023

ADCC Germany has invested significantly in the future of the sport in our country in recent years. In addition to the annual German Open and German Nationals, the Super Series events now have a grip on the grapplers in our country. 250 Euro prize money per professional class are a real treat, besides the custom made championship rings and championbelts, as well as the unique medals, which are not only for grapplers from our country.

Above all, the regular live broadcasts of the events on SportsGermany.TV have contributed to making the events more and more known also abroad.

International field of participants is getting bigger

Especially the participation of international athletes in our events is increasing significantly. At the last German Open, almost as many international starters were active on the day in the Professionals as athletes from Germany. Athletes have flown in from as far away as Israel to take part in our competitions.

ADCC German Nationals 2023

This year's official German Championships in Submission Fighting will take place on July 15 in Herrenberg near Stuttgart. Fighters and teams can register by clicking on the poster below and get to the event page at Smoothcomp.

ADCC German Nationals

ADCC Super Series III in Herrenberg

On 07 October, after the summer break, the race will start again at full throttle. Herrenberg will be the venue of the third ADCC Super Series with prize money for the professionals. Click on the picture to go to the event page on Smoothcomp.

ADCC Super Series IV comes to Wolfsburg

As already announced, ADCC Germany will always expand and extend its circles in the future. For the first time an event of the popular Super Series will come to the north of Germany to Lower Saxony. For the debut of the series in the far north, you should definitely be there and click on the image to get to the event page on Smoothcomp.


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