ADCC Phuket Open 2024

On March 09th ADCC Thailand the Phuket Open 2024 and with Phuket now becoming a real MMA and grappling hub worldwide, you can expect to see many top international fighters on the mat at this event. In recent weeks, world stars such as Craig Jones and George Saint Pierre have visited Phuket to give seminars at various professional camps. And the Leglock Camp with Kamil Wilk and Mateusz Szczecinski in the Phuket Grappling Academy of One FC fighter Ben Royle has also just passed.

There is no doubt that the ADCC Phuket Open is an event where you can compete with top athletes from renowned camps such as Bangtao Muay Thai & MMAPhuket Grappling Academy, Evolve MMA Singapore, Southside MMA, Carpe Diem and Bali MMA can compete. The technical level will be extremely high, as top fighters from the UFC, One FC and RIZIN regularly train in these camps and teams.

Last year's livestream from both mats

ADCC Germany will be present

Of course, I couldn't resist registering for this competition and flying the flag of ADCC Germany at this Grappling Extravaganza. So far, two Australians have been confirmed as my opponents and I am sure that other strong fighters will enter the Professionals Masters class. I will be spending two weeks preparing mainly at the Phuket Grappling Academy. Ben Royle was kind and generous enough to invite me to the camp. Of course I will make short trips to Bangtao Muay Thai and Southside MMA, but my focus will definitely be on training with Ben Royle.


I will create a vlog about the entire camp and the competition and will publish it on the YouTube channel from MatGuerillaand via the Instagram accounts of me and MatGuerilla post. And just a few days after my return from Thailand, I'll be back at the ADCC Super Series V in Herrenberg. The first ADCC event this year is sure to be a gathering of great athletes from all over Europe and will be a worthy start to the season.

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