ADCC Referee Seminar 2023 by Finnish A-Class Referees

ADCC Referee Seminar

ADCC Referee Seminar with Sami Sakko and Tero Pyylampo

ADCC Germany continues to invest in the quality of the competitions and the sport in the future. Two Finnish A-Class referees were selected by Europe President Marko Leisten and sent to the ADCC German Open at the request of Germany President Peter Angerer to keep the level of events in our country high.

In doing so, the two Finns fulfill two (possibly even three) important tasks in one weekend:

  1. Referee CourseAfter a long consultation with Marko Leisten, it was agreed that some referees from Germany will finally move up to the B- and A-Class this year. Decisive for this is of course the level of the referees and to be able to classify this basically, all existing referees of ADCC Germany should participate free of charge in this seminar. Also invited free of charge are all BJJ and Luta Livre Blackbelts from Germany, who would like to join the No. 1 worldwide. Of course the ADCC Referee Seminar is open to all interested martial artists, but they have to pay for the training. After the classification of the referees, suitable candidates will then be upgraded to the next class. The training is officially certified by ADCC Europe and is recognized worldwide.
  2. Judge ADCC German OpenOf course, the two A-grade referees from Finland will then also supervise the competitions on both days and judge the referees' performances. However, the most important thing for the participants is that referees from the Professional Continental and World Championships will supervise the fights in Herrenberg and referee them at the highest level.

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ADCC Referee Seminar

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