ADCC Super Series - already 200 entries


ADCC Super Series with strong response

Stronger than before is the response from participants from all over Europe for the upcoming ADCC Super Series on 04 February in Herrenberg. Already 200 athletes are registered and about one third has already completed the registration. From our experience about 2/3 of the registrations will be completed, which means that next month about 140 athletes will go on the mat.

For comparison, the first Super Series had a total of 188 athletes registered, of which 116 competed and completed the registration. One can therefore expect that the upcoming event will be stronger and above all more international.

Prize money for the professionals

Especially the Professional Adults should be happy about that. 250 Euro prize money per class from ADCC Germany and true to the motto "much fight, much honor", full pools also mean a lot of fun for the professional fighters.

Live stream transmission

As usual, we will be livestreaming the fights of the day through SportsGermany.TV from the Gym 24 in Herrenberg. Spectators are still not allowed at the ADCC events on site, as this would exceed the spatial framework. But via the free livestreams of all mats, friends and family can follow the fights of their loved ones live on the screen.

Deadline in three weeks

There are still 20 days left to register for this special event. The deadline for the "Normal Registration" at the current price lasts until January 19. After that you have to pay 10 Euro more for the "Late Registration". So it is not worth to wait too long and to finish the registration today.

Registration ADCC German Open Super Series II

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