All eyes on: Judith Ruis

The German Top Team and its affiliated schools seem to be a good "breeding ground" for female fighters. In the coming days we want to present the outstanding female athletes of the team and show what the successes of our fighters are all about.

She is a fighter through and through: successful MMA professional fighter, MMA European Champion ISKA, ADCC Germany Championesse, NAGA Germany Championesse, multiple champion of the "German Grappling League" DGL and so on and so forth. The list could be continued for a long time, if the successes of Judith Ruis (Budokeller Bonlanden) would be enumerated completely. Out of 41 active women who have fought in professional MMA in Germany, she is ranked 7th in the "Pound for Pound" rankings by "Tapology".

The original kickboxer and multiple German champion had the first contact with the German Top Team in 2013 and in a way that one might not choose for a "getting to know" - namely as an opponent of Kristin "Hannya" Angerer in the European title fight of the infamous Shidokan Triathlon. Although Judith lost on points she was impressed by her toughness, her attitude and her fighting spirit and through further tournaments and competitions in Shooto they got to know and appreciate each other better and better over the years. More and more often Judith could be found in training at the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen and also helped with competition preparation for upcoming professional fights. Head coach Peter Angerer was so enthusiastic about Judith's disciplined and highly professional training approach that he made an effort to place Judith in Japan with the women's MMA league "Deep Jewels". The rest is history. After only a short time Judith stood in the co-main event in Tokyo against the No. 1 in the world rankings and was able to show with a strong performance that she is one of the strong women in the featherweight division also at the international level.

Her last appearance at "SHOOTO KINGS" last week, she was able to win again in front of a large crowd and thus brought herself into the conversation for further professional fights in Japan. And today, just one week after this huge success, Judith fought at the biggest grappling tournament in Germany and won the title in the women's Absolute Class at the NAGA in Limburg!

As the saying goes, "The future shines bright...!"

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