All eyes on: Kristin Angerer

The quartet of strong fighters in the German Top Team is completed with the "First Lady" of Shidokan in Germany: Kristin "Hannya" Angerer. The 31-year-old athlete has been training in the German Top Team for 10 years and already in 2012 international success in Shidokan karate set in when she won the prestigious All Japan Open Championships in Tokyo. From then on, everything went according to plan and at times, like in the movies. Winner of the French Open, winner of the All Japan Open, European Champion, World Champion... No matter where the ambitious athlete competed in full-contact karate, she was usually at the top of the podium and in just a few years moulted to the absolute No. 1 worldwide in Shidokan among women. Some of her changes to other fighting disciplines were not planned by her, but came about more or less at short notice. For example, her Pro MMA debut at "No Compromises FC" in Bremen, when she competed against local hero Katharina Albinus with less than 24 hours notice and, to her great surprise, managed to win without any preparation. The Shooto European Champion of the amateurs of 2012 has thus immediately chosen a debut made to measure.

Excursions into grappling (ADCC German Open Championess Intermediate 2017) and kickboxing have always been a means to an end for Kristin, to stay active in the fight scene when there was no fight in full contact karate. Because that is her great love and passion and here she clearly sees her roots. But that she can also do otherwise, she proved again in 2017, when she faced the No. 1 in the world ranking King Reina in Japan in professional MMA at DEEP "Jewels". The fact that she lost the fight still annoys her today, as she would have seen more chances for herself with the appropriate preparation over a longer period of time. Nevertheless, she does not regret the experience, even though it has been a bit quiet around her lately. But instead of competing in the ring with other women around the world in full contact without protective gear, she has taken on a new challenge and has been a full-blooded, full-time mommy to the Angerer family's progenitor for the past year. Nevertheless, she still gets a huge itch in her fists.

At the moment, she is slowly getting back into training and plans to return to fighting this year, but for the time being without any pressure or great expectations. The fun of it all still comes first for her, a concept that has brought her sensational successes all over the world.

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