All Japan Shidokan Open 2019

Last Sunday, the annual All Japan Shidokan Open Championships were held in Tokyo for the 39th time. Also at the start was a German delegation from the German Top Team in Reutlingen.

Michael "Ruffy" Ettlen was the big unlucky one of the team. His opening opponent in kickboxing was the professional world champion Adrian Weathersby from the USA, who despite his higher weight was assigned at short notice to the middleweight class and there met the Reutlinger. Already in round 1 a bravely fighting Michael had to strike the sails, when he went down after a spinning kick to the head and was counted out. But he was still in the bracket in Knockdown Karate and was to compete in the final of his class against a fighter from Chile. Fully motivated Michael went into this fight and was determined to bring gold back to Germany. Right at the beginning of the first round Michael hit his Chilean opponent lightly on the head with a fist and was admonished. Apparently this shaped his opponent's "tactics" for this fight and in best footballer fashion the Chilean kept whining about alleged low blows and head shots (even though Michael was not active at all), provoking a point deduction for the German that cost the Reutlinger the fight after the fight time expired. A shameful performance by the Chilean, who secured gold in this way and relegated a frustrated Michael Ettlen to second place.

Sven Fortenbacher competed in Shidokan Triathlon and kickboxing at this high-class tournament and with his opening opponent in kickboxing from Mongolia he had slight teething problems, but secured a narrow points victory and thus advanced to the semifinals. There, however, it was already in round 1 against a fighter from Belgium, who sent Sven with a liver hook on the boards. Thus remained the Reutlinger the bronze medal in this category. In the Shidokan Triathlon he faced a Japanese fighter in the quarterfinals, whom he clearly controlled over three rounds and was on the verge of giving up in round 3 (MMA) without much resistance. Surprisingly, the judges gave a "draw" and an extension round was fought, in which the Japanese forced Sven to give up with a bulldog choke.

Headcoach Peter Angerer was supposed to fight a superfight in grappling without time limits and points against the Japanese heavyweight Kentaro Ishikawa at this event. Shortly before the start of the fight, the tournament management decided that the fight was now subject to a time limit of 10 minutes, which nullified the tactics of Peter, who wanted to drag out the fight in order to wear down and submit the over 20 kg heavier Ishikawa. But it is fought what comes on the table and so Peter got the half guard right at the beginning and worked consistently towards a sweep, which he almost succeeded after about five minutes. From then on the Japanese stonewalled and used all his strength and weight advantage to keep Angerer down. Peter was always able to fend off the Japanese's submission attempts without difficulty and so the fight was declared a "draw" after 10 minutes had elapsed.

The All Japan Shidokan Open with participants from all over the world have once again shown that they are THE tournament in Shidokan worldwide and from the prestige even above a world championship.

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