All Japan Shooto Championships 2024

They are the highlight of MMA in Japan: the annual All Japan Shooto Championships have been considered "breeding ground" for top fighters for decades. Those who finish at the top of the podium are sure to be awarded professional status by the ISC (International Shooto Commission) and can look forward to a professional contract with One FC are delighted. The world's largest MMA organization has long since discovered the Shooto tournaments in Japan as a recruiting ground for new talent.

Held and Brauchle as pioneers for Germany

Markus Held

So on October 6, things will heat up again in the arena in Odawara. In recent years, German athletes have also been able to celebrate unique successes here. Markus "Hero" Held was the first non-Japanese to reach the final of the All Japan Shooto Championships. As a result, Hero was able to fight two professional Shooto fights against two legendary champions in 2019. He has faced both RIZIN champion Saito and UFC legend and Shooto champion Caol Uno in the Octagon and fought at an absolute world-class level with the top stars.

His success could only be topped by Christina Brauchle, who was the first non-Japanese woman to win this tournament in 2019. The 2019 European champion fought in Odawara in the same year and won what is probably the most important amateur title in the world. With her impressive fighting style, Christina has won over numerous fans in Japan and has done important pioneering work for women in this country.

German shooters in Japan - Road to Japan 2024

Due to the many years of good cooperation with the JSA (Japan Shooto Association) and the successes of German athletes, fighters from Germany will be admitted again this year. Last week, Rumina Sato confirmed on request that German fighters will once again be admitted to the All Japan Shooto Championships in 2024. A privilege that is unique in this form.

However, the success of German shooters at international competitions confirms the efforts of the development work in our country. Numerous European championship titles have gone to Germany for years. This year, for example, Shooto Germany is fielding a national team for the tournament in Odawara, Japan. Together with the two coaches Grigori Winizki and Rafael Pratnicki, I will put together a Team Germany before July and announce who will represent the German flag in Japan.

So if you are thinking of taking part in Japan, you should really step on the gas this year at the amateur tournaments of Shooto Germany:

Shooto Rookies XIV

Rookies 14

Shooto Rookies XV

Shooto Contenders XXXIV


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