Amin Aichele returns to the ring

He was one of the outstanding amateur shooters in our country. German champion in Shooto, German champion in Shooto Grappling and with more than 20 amateur fights also one of the most experienced. We are talking about Amin "Aminari" Aichele from the Reutlingen German Top Team. And just when everything was going so promisingly, it suddenly became quiet around the young athlete. But not because he no longer enjoyed fighting, but simply because school and studies take precedence. And that's what the future teacher has been concentrating on in recent years.

Of course, Amin remained faithful to the sport, continued to train diligently in Japan and Spain (on the picture with Leglock legend Masakazu Imanari) and as a Luta Livre brown belt already leads his first own grappling group in Ludwigsburg. At the last Shooto Kings he was still in the ring as a referee, but that's exactly what he thinks needs to change. He asked "to be allowed to be in the ring as a fighter again next time". It's a request that is gladly granted, because Amin is an all-around strong fighter. He has no great weaknesses in his game and can do everything from crunching KOs to lightning-fast submissions.

Amin will have the fans and spectators behind him as a local hero when he shakes off the ring rust after three years and actively gets back into the action himself. There are currently several opponents in the conversation for the "comeback" of the likeable athlete, but you can be sure that he will not get a "safe bank" selected by his coach and matchmaker Peter Angerer. It will be an opponent who demands everything from Amin and is certainly superior to him. "This is the only way to get the best out of the fighters!" is a guiding principle in the German Top Team.

So the fans and spectators can look forward to a thrilling and tough fight! In the next few days we will announce his opponent and other pairings.

Tickets for the event are available at our partner Ticketino or from mid-April at all fighters and their gyms.


SHOOTO KINGS VIII: "Samurai Spirit"

Saturday, 18.05.2019
Wittumstraße 37, Reutlingen
Door: 6 pm
Gong: 7 pm

Professional Shooto title fight -77.1 kg (5×5 minutes)
Daniel Huchler (FightFever Bruchsal) vs. tba

Professional Shooto -70,3 kg (3×5 minutes)
tba vs. Amin Aichele (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto -70,3 kg (3×5 minutes)
tba vs. Michael Ettlen (German Top Team)

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