Beltchecker for Luta Livre and BJJ

There are currently two established and very interesting projects with which you can have your graduations in BJJ and Luta Livre confirmed. The "Beltchecker" is a disinterested and above all non-political project to put a stop to self-proclaimed "blackbelts". But the tool does much more. You can network with your teammates, represent your school and your competition participations and successes to the outside world, and at the same time get in touch with like-minded people all over the world. In these times of "social distancing," the world is moving closer together, at least virtually.

A project that I gladly support and hereby call upon EVERY grappler of the GTT, whether BJJ or Luta Livre, to register with the following pages.

Beltchecker (BJJ with kimono)

Luta Livre Checker (Grappling without Kimono)

To show you how the whole thing looks in practice, I have linked my two profiles here:

Yamatodamashii on Beltchecker

Yamatodamashii on Luta Livre Checker

Members of our school and our team have already registered on both portals. Please have a look at it, create a free profile with corresponding school and team affiliation and network here as well. And I would be very happy about a "Vote" from you for my profile and will of course officially confirm all graduations given by me.

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