Women's BJJ Superfight at Rising Sun

Naomi Staller

Rising Sun" offers on 03 April 2021 from 20 clock everything that makes the heart of a martial artist beat faster. Live and "for Free" the fights will be shown on SportGermany.tv broadcast and thus reach a really broad audience. And today is a good day for even better news. "Rising Sun" is richer by another sensation. On the program as of today there is also a superfight of women in BJJ. And what a superfight!

Naomi Staller vs. Melanie Bauer

With these two Amazons, we have brought many times international gold in BJJ on the mat. Naomi Staller (Buschkamp Bros) fights for the Newaza national squad of the Ju-Jutsu federation and is as European champion in No-Gi BJJ a real house number on the mat. It is almost needless to mention that Naomi wins most of her fights by submissions and thus can clearly be called a real "finisher". Numerous titles at the most famous tournaments in Germany go to her account and she is considered both with and without kimono, one of the strongest women in BJJ in Germany with an incredibly high success rate.

IOpposite her is Melanie Bauer from the German Top Teamwho has been training in Reutlingen for about 2 years. Due to injury, she had to take a break from competing, but has already breathed international air at major tournaments. For example, she won the Mexico Open Championships of the IBJJF and proved with this gold medal that she is always a force to be reckoned with. Gold medals at the ADIDAS BJJ Open and GFTEAM Open round off this picture impressively and the wearer of the Purplebelt is one of the strongest athletes in the Reutlingen HQ of the GTT.

For the spectators at the screens at the Livestream on 03.04. this match means quite simply: "Action satt!". Both women will want to recommend themselves with this superfight in front of a large audience for further tasks. Oh, I forgot: Naomi and Melanie already fought each other about five years ago, with Naomi being victorious with a triangle choke. So you can imagine that Melanie wants to show that she has learned since then and would like to return the favor. As "salt in the soup", this is certainly an incentive that will make the fight all the more interesting and exciting.

In submission only mode, these two women will give everything to force their opponent to give up. If you miss this fight in the free livestream at SportDeutschland.tv, it's your own fault. So, tune in on 03 April from 20:00 live and free of charge, to be able to witness this struggle.

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