Bytomski vs. Günes at "Rising Sun


Rising Sun" on 03 April at the Gym 24 in Herrenberg is another sensation richer! With a heavyweight duel in Shooto according to semi-pro rules (2×5 minutes, without elbow strikes) a real cracker has landed on the fight card and thus a potential fight for the "KO of the evening". The fight will be on 03.04.2021 from 20:00 clock live and free on transferred.

Bytomski vs. Günes

Gregor Bytomski from the Alpha Fighters under Martin Vath is an experienced amateur shooter and sambo fighter, who was even German champion in sambo in 2020. Several titles in amateur Shooto also brought the 38-year-old the promotion to professional status in Shooto Germany and is now facing his debut in a semi-pro match. Gregor will have to use all his skills to fight against his opponent Erhan Günes of the German Top Team HQ to be able to exist.

Günes is an "old hand" in Shooto and already secured the German championship title in 2016. But he was also seen at Shooto "Contenders" and the European Championships in the ring and his career had to pause only due to a very happy circumstance something: Erhan became the father of two wonderful children. Although no longer in active competition, but steadily in training, Erhan worked steadily over the last three years towards his debut as a professional in Shooto and is now faced with a real champion as an opponent.

So two German champions will compete against each other to see who is the better man in the ring this evening. However, it should be clear that both have enormous punching power and a very good level in the ground fight. So you can safely assume that this fight will probably not go over time. Join in live when Sportdeutschland.TV broadcasts all the fights of "Rising Sun" free of charge in the best quality from 20:00 onwards. A fight evening of the extra class expects you!

Of course, in the coming days we will be here on Kakutogi continue to report on upcoming matches.


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