Christina Brauchle wins in Japan!

Yesterday, Sunday in Odawara (Japan), another great piece of German Shooto history was written. The Kemptnerin Christina Brauchle wins the All Japan Amateur Shooto Championships and is the first non-Japanese woman who could win this title.

With a victory over MMA World Champion Charlotte Crochet (France) at the Shooto European Championships, the mother of two had qualified for participation in Japan and traveled to Japan last week to compete in the most prestigious tournament of Shooto worldwide. As expected, the bantamweight was occupied with only one Japanese fighter, so Christina could fully concentrate on the final fight. Here she did not give the competitor a chance from the beginning. With strong striking she put the Japanese fighter against the cage and attacked in the clinch with knee strikes and hard punches. Several submission holds were also applied by Christina, but the Japanese refused to tap in both guillotine and armbar and proved superhuman takedown qualities. However, there was nothing to shake about the unanimous points victory for the consistently dominant performance of the German after two rounds and Christina took gold for Shooto Germany in this great event.

With her victory, Christina has finally made a name for herself internationally in the amateur field and currently holds the world's two most important titles in Shooto. We congratulate the ambitious and enormously disciplined fighter for her unique success!

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