The first event after the lockdown


On Sunday, 26.07.2020, the first event in the German Top Team HQ after the Corona Lockdown: the Maeda Submissionism Invitational.

Proven set of rules

The MSI 2020 rules are well known to the members of the German Top Team and the affiliated schools. In over 600 fights at 9 events of the German Top Team Interclub tournaments, the rules have been put through their paces and have proven to be simple as well as effective and easy to understand for laymen.

No fear of new paths

The event on 26.07. goes completely new ways. The event will be recorded with several cameras and all fighters are allowed to show their best side at a photo and video shoot beforehand. After the event, all seven rounds of the tournament will be mixed with the interviews of the fighters and all fights will be edited in full length to an episode, which will then be broadcast weekly on the YouTube channel of the German Top Team and the strong Facebook page of the school will be transmitted. This should reach several hundred grappling fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland every week.

Premiere in August

On Friday, 07.08.2020, the premiere of the first season is scheduled to start at 9 pm with episode 1 at 9 pm on YouTube. The episode will be streamed live via the German Top Team channel. At 10:30 p.m., the episode will be repeated on the Facebook page of the German Top Team, which has almost 3,500 subscribers. So the event is bound to have a wide reach.

All further information on the official website of MAEDA SUBMISSIONISM INVITATIONAL.

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