Your chance with "Contenders


On 28.03. Shooto Germany's most successful and oldest event series will be active again. At "Contenders XXXI" fights will be held for the first time under Semi-Pro rules for all interested fighters. This means for all athletes to fight only in individual fights at "Contenders" over 2×5 minutes. The Semi-Pro rules of Shooto will be used, which prohibit elbow strikes, but allow Ground and Pound to the head in contrast to the amateur fights.

However, participation in "Contenders" is reserved only for the real newcomers to semi-professional fights. Those who have already fought matches scheduled over 3×5 minutes or who have had 3 or more fights under Semi-Pro regulations over 2×5 minutes are not allowed to compete.

With this, Shooto Germany wants to close the gap between the extremely successful amateurs in Germany and the professionals. In order to offer the athletes not only a great incentive but also a real opportunity, two fighters who particularly excel at "Contenders" will receive a professional contract for the upcoming SHOOTO KINGS on May 16 in Reutlingen. This flagship of Shooto in Germany has already been for several athletes the springboard for professional fights in Japan or in major leagues, such as Bellator.

So if you are firmly convinced that you are ready to make the leap into the professional camp and if you want to gain your first experience, you should immediately register on the Shooto Contenders website inform and register for the fights on 28.03. in Reutlingen. Women and men from 18 years can start.

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