The run on the starting places is in full swing

The ADCC German Open Championships 2024 have an active participant limit of 200 starters. Half of the places are already gone and registration is slowly entering the hot phase. If you want to prove that you are one of the best grapplers in Germany, you have to prove yourself at this event. Those who stand on the podium here are undoubtedly among the top ground fighters in this country and cement their reputation as a serious fighter.

Registration via Smoothcomp

Working for years ADCC Germany with the excellent organization platform Smoothcomp to guarantee the best possible experience for participants. Up-to-the-minute schedules, clear processes and fast and secure event registrations are child's play with Smoothcomp.

Highest level of professionalism

ADCC Germany has always been committed to professionalism and consistently implements this at its events. For this reason, we have also introduced a participant limit so that our events do not degenerate into an "indoor marathon" for the fighters just to make as much profit as possible. A tight schedule and a maximum event duration of 6 hours are our guidelines for the events in the beautiful Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg. Thanks to the support of the Gothaer Neckar-Alb District Office under the direction of Patrick Deile, we can offer a free livestream of all fighters here on the start page on the event day in cooperation with SportsGermany.TV ensure.

In combination with the minute-by-minute schedules on Smoothcomp, friends and fans all over the world can follow the fights live and cheer on the duels on the mats.

Event calendar on Smoothcomp for our events

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