The "Ultimate Whitebelt Survival Guide" is coming!

daniel brauchle

Daniel Brauchle is very well known in the BJJ and grappling scene in Germany. As promoter of the "Babenhauser Grappling Challenge" and as a successful competitor he is known everywhere. Together with his wife Christina he also leads the team "Alps BJJ" in Kempten and teaches there as a partner school of the German Top Team.

Daniel is a person who always likes to give something back to the community. So it was a matter of honor for him to add several courses in BJJ and Luta Livre here to the online offer of the German Top Team Online Academy contributes.

And his very first course has a lot going for it. With the "Ultimate Whitebelt Survival Guide" he wants to show especially the beginners how to "survive" the first years on the mat. Escapes and counters from all possible submissions are the content of this course, which is didactically perfectly structured.

So if you're sick and tired of having to go through the same submissions over and over again in every training session, you should definitely sign up for this course. Currently, the material is being uploaded in raw form and after a short editing phase, the course should go online this week.

So check out our Course overview and don't miss the "Ultimate Whitebelt Survival Guide" by Daniel Brauchle.

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