German Shooto Championships 2022 - what's new?


Shooto year highlight

The year 2o22 is slowly coming to an end and for the MMA fighters of Germany the highlight of the year is still to come: SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku will present this year's German Championships in a worthy setting for all athletes. But there are a number of innovations, which we want to explain briefly in this article.

German championships in D and C class

The most important innovation is that Shooto Germany from this year also holds German championships in the D class. This class was previously only for absolute newcomers to gain their first competition experience. "Rookies" was by far the most successful event series this year and has brought an incredible number of teams and fighters in contact with our federation. So it was only logical that we now also hold German Championships in the D-Class.

However, one must note to register in the correct class. Anyone who has completed five fights in the D class this year must register for the C class at the German Championships. The D class and also the German Championships in this class are reserved for beginners. Fighters who have already fought two or three Rookies events this year or have more than 5 fights experience should therefore register in the C-Class.

No more head protection in Shooto

This news reached us in the summer with great surprise, because in Japan is still fought with head protection. But Shooto Europe has decided to do without head protection in the future for the amateurs and has enforced this at this year's European Championships in Utrecht. Of course our federation follows the guidelines of the European umbrella organization under the direction of Martijn de Jong and consequently since the European Championships the head protection was also waived in Germany. Also at the German championships, of course, is fought without head protection.

Championship rings

Every fighter who achieves a goal wants a lasting memento of it. In Japan, the champion belts of Shooto are passed on again and again and remain for decades in the possession of the federation. The respective champions are allowed to wear the belt only as long as one is champion. Afterwards one must give the belt back again. In Japan, this is a ceremony that attracts a lot of public attention. In Germany rather not so and some fighters do not care about agreements or rules, but simply keep the champion belts after they are no longer champion. Already several champions have not given their belts back to Shooto Germany. How sad...

The solution here is quite clear and simple. Instead of the belts, championship rings are made like in football or poker. A solution that has already arrived at ADCC Germany insanely well with the fighters and is now also implemented in Shooto. The champions in Shooto will receive a championship ring in the future, which they can keep. With each title defense another ring is added. At the award ceremony, pictures will be taken once with the championship belt, which will immediately be kept by Shooto Germany.

German Championships 2022

The German Championships this year will be a special celebration for the MMA fighters in our country. As part of a big evening event, all fights of the day and evening will be broadcast live. While the fights during the day are free, the fights in the evening, where all the finals and the professional fights will take place, will only be available with a paid Fight Pass.

Tickets for the day, which are also valid for the evening, are now available in the following categories:

Seating tickets at the cage 1st row 69,90 Euro
Seating tickets at the cage 2nd row 59,90 Euro
Seating tickets at the cage 3rd row 49,90 Euro
Seating tickets at the cage 4th row 39,90 Euro
Standing room tickets 19,90 Euro

The Fightpass at Sportdeutschland TV for the evening show of Shooto Kings will be 19,90 Euro. Fighters and attendants of the fights during the day may of course stay in the studio for the night show and watch the fights live.

Registration German Shooto Championships 2022

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