The brackets for "Rookies IV" at the weekend

24 athletes from nine schools from Belgium and Germany will compete next Saturday at Shooto "Rookies IV" in Grünsfeld at the Alpha Fighters make their first experiences in the Octagon in Shooto. With the last Shooto event of the year, the newcomers are once again in the foreground and the development work of recent years shows that this is the right way to keep up internationally.

After the closing date last night, the brackets for the fights on Saturday have now been set to Smoothcomp published. The athletes from Brussels, Stuttgart, Crailsheim, Grünsfeld, Pforzheim, Freiburg, Kempten and Wonneberg will meet in seven classes and compete according to the particularly safe D-class rules in amateur Shooto. Forbidden are especially injury-prone actions, such as knee strikes to the head and heel hooks. Also the round times are with 3 minutes in the preliminaries and 2×2 minutes in the finals somewhat shorter, as in the conventional amateur Shooto. In addition, even in the finals is fought exclusively in full protective gear.

Organizer Martin Vath is looking forward to numerous visitors. Admission for spectators is from 13 clock and for the physical well-being is well provided. The fights start at 2 pm and are expected to last until about 4 pm.

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