The battles of episode 2

Tonight at 9pm, Episode 2 of the Maeda Submissionism Invitational will already air on YouTube. With a teaser clip we have already given a glimpse of the four matches that will be aired tonight:

But let's take a quick look at the scheduled matches and the fighters in advance.


Episode 2 battles at a glance


Michael Haupert vs. Diego Figueiredo

Or also "David against Goliath" could be the subtitle of this fight. Michael is an experienced MMA fighter and champion of the "Young Blood Night" and holder of the brown belt in BJJ under Daniel Brauchle (Alpen BJJ). As the reigning German champion in tag team grappling (sub-only), he goes into this encounter with a good tailwind and over 25 kg weight advantage. But Diego himself is a BJJ black belt with all waters washed, who was already successful in numerous tournaments and also in the Absolute Class (without weight restrictions). Who with Diego already once on the mat in the German Top Team in Reutlingen knows that you can't take him lightly just because you have a few extra kilos on your back. His technical finesse often compensates for deficits in strength and weight. But this encounter is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited match-ups, because it is precisely the clash of two physically so different fighters that exerts a proper charm.

Amin Aichele vs. Daniel Tempera

Oh oh oh! Another real firecracker already in the second round of the tournament. Amin is one of the technically strongest grapplers from the forge of Peter Angerer and now runs his own Luta Livre group in Ludwigsburg. The nickname "Aminari" (referring to the "God of Leglocks" Imanari) is no coincidence, as Amin has won countless leglocks so far in his career. In contrast to this is probably the best all-rounder from the GTT Daniel Tempera, who is known and feared for his powerful and above all athletic ground game. If you want to know what it feels like to have a truck parked on top of you while your arm is being levered, you should take Daniel for a spin on the mat with us in Reutlingen. Also in this fight two stark contrasts meet: on the one hand the technical and almost playful Leglock Game of Aminari, on the other hand the puristic and classic Luta Livre and Jiu-Jitsu of Daniel, which is paired with a good portion of power and dynamics.

Daniel Brauchle vs. Markus Held

Daniel is a cornerstone of the German grappling and BJJ community. The black belt from Kempten under Grandmaster Luiz Palhares has fought pretty much every tournament in Europe and attracts attention especially because he likes to end fights early. The heaviest fighter in the tournament is therefore hard to beat in terms of experience in ground fighting in this field of participants. But Markus Held is exactly the type of fighter who does not avoid any challenge, but is rather looking for it. In Japan at the professional Shooto a familiar name for a long time, the reigning German professional champion is equipped with a very strong ground game, which also always aims at the submission. And already years ago he forced black belts from the heavyweight division to surrender with his fearless fighting style and dangerous techniques. So the fight offers a fair amount of suspense in advance and you can also be surprised by this fight tonight.

Sven Fortenbacher vs. Selvin Ramcilovic

Both fighters are tough as nails and have already been in the ring in Japan. So neither of the two will have had stage fright in this fight. Shidokan world champion Sven Fortenbacher is especially in Shooto a real house number in Germany, he has in his two fights at SHOOTO KINGS against opponents from Ukraine and Italy especially with his grappling skills could get the victory. Most recently, he won the Odawara Open Championships in BJJ in Japan and also secured an early victory here with his feared "lion slayer". A real all-rounder, who will meet none other than Selvin Ramcilovic. The NAGA champion and successful Shooto fighter is one of the favorites in this tournament and for a good reason: he can do everything! Selvin has almost no weak points that you can spot and attack. From flying submissions to simple armlocks, he is always dangerous at every second of the fight and always wants to end his fights early. Which he also manages to do at a frightening rate. So you should not get up to get a beer during this fight, because it can all be over very quickly.

So you can see that also in the second round exciting and highly interesting pairings have come up in this field of participants. Fast and furious action is guaranteed. Please follow episode 2 at the following times via the respective channels:

21:00 on Youtube

22:30 on Facebook

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