The battles of Episode 5 of MSI 2020

Already 4 tournament rounds of the Maeda Submissionism Invitational have been viewed by thousands of viewers on our social media channels at YouTube and Facebook viewed. And as the tournament continues, the excitement builds. We've already seen a few surprises, and before Episode 5 tonight, we'll take stock of what's happened so far and the fight results. At the same time, we'll also show you who's fighting each other tonight starting at 9 p.m. (YouTube) or 10:30 p.m. (Facebook).


Selvin Ramcilovic: 4-0 (German Top Team HQ)

So far it went flawlessly for the young brown belt of the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen. 4 submission victories are so far on his account and all opponents he could force very quickly during the regular fighting time to the task. Selvin was already considered the favorite in this field before the tournament and so far he has more than lived up to this role. Especially his victory over BJJ Blackbelt Daniel Brauchle set a clear sign. Tonight he meets the BJJ brown belt Michael Haupert from Alpen BJJ and has again a real hunk in front of him.

Michael Haupert: 0-4 (Alps BJJ)

Michael has not had much luck so far in this tournament. In his four fights so far he lost four times and has virtually no more chances to win a medal. However, he should be more than highly motivated not to close his record with 0 wins here and you can expect that he will give everything to finally get a longed-for victory. Against Selvin, however, who is considered the favorite in this tournament, this will be a very difficult - but not impossible - undertaking. And maybe he will manage to pull off another surprise in this fight, of which there have already been a few in the tournament so far.


Daniel Tempera: 2-2 (German Top Team HQ)

The "Spaniard" has a mixed record so far. Besides wins against the black belt Diego and the brown belt Michael, he had to draw the short straw against Amin and Selvin. So everything is open and his next fight will certainly decide whether he still makes the jump into the medal ranks. However, he also has a very difficult task ahead of him with the black belt Daniel.

Daniel Brauchle: 3-1 (Alps BJJ)

Daniel is also one of the clear favorites in this tournament, he has the most fighting experience of athletes in this field. Only the defeat against Selvin set him back a bit, but Daniel grits his teeth despite the injury and wants to know it. You can tell that he really wants to keep his chance of winning the tournament alive and accordingly he will give everything in this fight!


Diego Figueiredo: 2-2 (German Top Team HQ)

By far the lightest fighter in the tournament, Diego has built up a respectable record of 2 wins and 2 losses, and has already forced Shooto Champion Markus to quit. So a man who not only has a strong technical repertoire, but also really came to fight in this tournament. With BraveFC veteran Sven he has a strong, but still doable task in front of him in the next encounter.

Sven Fortenbacher: 0-4 (German Top Team HQ)

The Shidokan world champion has not had much to laugh about in this field so far and had to concede four defeats in a row. But this only shows how strong and high-quality the field of participants is in this tournament. However, this is only a small consolation, because with Diego he will also face a black belt who is a real all-rounder in his next fight. But you should not write off Sven and watch the fight tonight very closely...


Amin Aichele: 4-0 (F-KAS Neckarweihingen)

He is the big surprise of this tournament so far! With four submission victories in a row, Amin has fought his way to the top of this field of participants after four rounds alongside Selvin and must be seen as the clear favorite to win the tournament. Especially his technical finesse shines and it will be interesting to see how he will do against Markus tonight.

Markus Held: 1-3 (German Top Team HQ)

For the Luta Livre purple belt it did not go according to plan so far and he had to realize that the competition in this tournament is extremely strong and merciless. With Amin he faces the surprise favorite in this tournament tonight and it will certainly be an extremely technical and exciting fight. Both are known for their extravagant game and are dangerous in every second. Will Markus get the victory against Amin tonight?

Interim balance sheet in figures

Selvin Ramcilovic: 4 wins - 0 losses
Amin Aichele: 4 wins - 0 losses
Daniel Brauchle:3 wins - 1 losses
Daniel Tempera: 2 win - 2 loss
Diego Figueiredo: 2 wins - 2 losses
Markus Held: 1 wins - 3 losses
Michael Haupert: 0 wins - 4 losses
Sven Fortenbacher: 0 wins - 4 losses

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