The lions of Shooto Italy are coming!

The last two gaps of the fightcard are closed. And how! SHOOTO KINGS VIII on May 18 in the Reutlingen Wittumhalle will leave nothing to be desired, because with two absolute top stars of Shooto Italy the fightcard is completed.

Filippo Leone, president of Shooto Italy and owner of "Iron Lion Fighters Management" brings two of his best fighters in the race. Enrico di Gangi (picture) is the absolute superstar of the amateurs in Shooto in Europe. Two times European champion! The best amateur fighter on our continent, who after a long stay abroad with the American Top Team in the USA is now ready to fight his professional debut. And for this he has chosen none other than Amin "Aminari" Aichele. So here meet two absolute technicians and you can almost say with certainty that this fight will not go over time.

But also Shidokan world champion Sven Fortenbacher gets a real house number from Italy. Emanuele "Hulk" Zardo is with 8 professional fights clearly more experienced than Sven. And the fighter from Reutlingen just doesn't get a breather. World title in June last year, at the last SHOOTO KINGS then the fight against kickboxing world champion Anatolij Ihnato and now already the third firecracker in a row with Zardo. The Italian is a man of all trades and dangerous both in the stand and on the ground. Only for one of his five victories Zardo had to go over time and he certainly does not plan to do overtime in Reutlingen. So you can also assume in this duel that both fighters will be looking for an early decision.

With these two newcomers, the fight card for the evening program of SHOOTO KINGS is complete. From 19 o'clock the spectators get to see all final fights of this year's Shooto European Championships in the Prelims. Quasi the elite of Europe as an "appetizer" for the six professional fights, which are now a great fightcard.

SHOOTO KINGS VIII: "Samurai Spirit"

Saturday, 18.05.2019
Wittumstraße 37, Reutlingen
Door: 6 pm
Gong: 7 pm

Main Event

Professional Shooto title fight -77.1 kg (5×5 minutes)
Daniel Huchler (FightFever Bruchsal) vs. Selvin Ramcilovic (German Top Team)

Co-Main Event

Professional Shooto Women -63,0 kg (3×5 minutes)
Iryna Godynets (Shidokan Ukraine) vs. Judith Ruis (Budokeller Bonlanden)

Featured Fights

Professional Shooto -70,3 kg (3×5 minutes)
Emanuele Zardo (Shooto Italy) vs. Sven Fortenbacher (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto -65,8 kg (3×5 minutes)
Enrico di Gangi (Shooto Italy) vs. Amin Aichele (German Top Team)

Professional Shooto Women -50,0 kg (3×5 minutes)
Bestare Kicaj (Team Nippon/Switzerland) vs. Tanja Angerer (A-Team Martial Arts)

Professional Shooto -77,1 kg (3×5 minutes)
Oleg Bernc (Renzo Gracie Hamburg) vs. Jonathan Estedt (German Top Team)


Final fights of the 18th European Shooto Championships

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