The winners of the German Top Team Awards 2020

The die is finally cast. The votes have been cast and counted and the winners are now clear. With the first German Top Team Awards 2020, we encountered an incredible turnout and extremely high interest. Almost 400 users, family members, friends and fans cast their votes in seven categories and created a lot of excitement. At times, some candidates were in a "neck-and-neck race" for the victory for days, but ultimately the results in all seven categories are now clear.

Best trainer

Our "Chewbacca" Martin Vath and his Alpha Fighters can rejoice. 126 votes brought him a clear victory in this category with 38.53%. And with it a fair amount of recognition and respect for his years of work as a trainer. Far beyond the borders of the Alpha Fighters, Martin has made a name for himself as an excellent instructor and has taken the victory in this category.


Best coach

Abubakar Ismailov from the Alpha Fighters secured the double victory for the Alpha Fighters from Grünsfeld in this category with 109 votes (33.33%), proving that Grünsfeld is certainly the place to be when it comes to training and coaching. An impressive victory, which should give the up-and-coming team in Grünsfeld some tailwind for the upcoming competitions. The coach/trainer team of Martin and Abu will certainly cause a sensation in the near future.


Best Newcomer

The German Top Team NRW can rejoice! But with Isabell Thelen it has hit no stranger in this category. Her track record in BJJ and grappling is certainly more than impressive and the vice European champion of the NAGA was actually to be found in the past year at every tournament on the podium, where she started. Isi was able to collect a total of 183 votes (55,96%) for herself and thus prevailed over the competition.


Best Newcomer

Cheers at the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen. 160 votes (48,93%) for Steven Drammis are already a very clear result, but not really a surprise. South and West German champion in Shooto and so far lost only two of more than 10 fights in Shooto are already a clear evidence of the success series of the young exceptional fighter, from which one will certainly hear this year.


Best professional fighter

Judith Ruis has been one of the figureheads of Budokeller Bonlanden and the German Top Team for years. With impressive victories at "We Love MMA" and "Shooto Kings" she had not least won professional fights in Japan at "Deep Jewels", but also the main event at Bellator this February in Ireland. 193 votes (59,02%) are the proof of the recognition Judith gets for this great work and with that she gets the award for "Best Professional Fighter".


Best professional fighter

Markus Held from German Top Team Reutlingen has shown since winning the German Shooto professional title that he does not avoid any challenge. With two fights in Japan at Profi Shooto against a current and a former champion, Markus has not only earned the respect of Japanese fans and opponents, but has also gained enormous notoriety in this country. The victory as "Best Professional Fighter" of the GTT should underline this again clearly with 108 votes (33,03%).


Shooting star

The past year truly gave her a meteoric rise. Judith Ruis from Budokeller Bonlanden, after her victory as "Best Professional Fighter", also takes the victory in this category with 111 votes (33.94%), clearly showing that people are behind her and her work. In this most hard-fought and, from a fighter's point of view, probably most important category, there was a long and hard fight for the victory. The fact that Judith is also at the top here is a nice expression of recognition for her years of hard work and the successes achieved in the past year.

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