DM 2022 and SHOOTO KINGS 9 - schedule and fightcard


The Shooto Countdown 2022

Only three days to go until the absolute highlight of the 2022 season of Shooto Germany. This coming Saturday, the newly designed Performance Center at the Gym 24 in Herrenberg the fists fly. This year's German championships of amateurs in Shooto and SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku provide for proper action in the Herrenberg Octagon.

Elimination fights of the German Championships during the day

Kakutogi Shooto

Already from 13 o'clock it will go tremendously round. After the closing date yesterday, the brackets were already created tonight and there will be almost 30 fights during the day. So there is already a lot of action at noon and of course all athletes will give their absolute best to recommend themselves for the final fights in the evening event from 8 pm. We ask all coaches to check again all times for the scales etc. and to make sure that you are on time at the weigh-in.

With almost 50 fighters from all over Germany, this event is one of the absolute highlights in MMA Germany. Of course we invite all fighters and coaches to watch the finals and professional fights in the evening and all active fighters and coaches will receive tickets for the evening show. You can watch the livestream of the event directly with us on the Homepage view at the top.

SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku with 13 fights in the evening event

Shooto Kings

After three years, the flagship of Shooto Germany is finally back and offers a great spectacle for the MMA sport. Punctually at 20 o'clock starts then also the livestream, which can be seen via a Fightpass in Full HD. So even the fans who can not make it to Herrenberg can watch the event live and in full length moderated by our specialists comfortably from home. If you still want to get your hands on a ticket and be there in Herrenberg, you should get one in our online store as soon as possible.

A limited contingent is then also perhaps still available on Saturday from 1 pm at the box office. Of course, with the tickets you get admission all day and in the evening. So you can follow all the fights live and on the spot and cheer for your favorite fighters.

The Advance ticket sales is now open online and the beautiful Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg will provide a fantastic backdrop for the event. So there are only four rows of seats around the Octagon and you sit a maximum of 6-7 meters away from the Octagon. So you are up close and personal and even the standing room from the gallery offers an excellent view of the fights, so you won't miss any detail.


Place: Gym 24 Lifestyle, Daimlerstrasse 13, Herrenberg
Date: Saturday, 10.12.2022
Time: 8 pm (admission from 7:00 pm)

Main Event

A-Class Shooto (3×5 minutes) Men -70,3 kg: Sven "Fujin" Fortenbacher (German Top Team HQ) vs. Nika Kupravishvili (Mix Fight Georgia)

Co-Main Event

Superfight Shooto Grappling (1 x 10 minutes) Men -77,1 kg: Amin "Aminari" Aichele (Grapple&Move Freiberg) vs. Nika Bregvadze (Mix Fight Georgia)

Amin Aichele

Featured Fights

B-Class Shooto (2×5 minutes) Men -120,0 kg: Erhan Günes (German Top Team HQ) vs. Julius Gebele (Atlas Gym Heilbronn)

B-Class Shooto (2×5 minutes) Men -70,3 kg: Josif Amoev (Samurai Fight Team) vs. Noel Nyunting (Parabellum Combat Club)


German Championship Final C-Class -70,3 kg: Matthew Mays (Kenan Academy Würzburg) vs. Fabian Ferstl (Hammers Team Nürnberg)

German Championship Final C-Class -77,1 kg: Tilo Kramer (Kenan Academy Würzburg) vs. tba

German Championship Final C-Class -83,9 kg: tba vs. tba

German Championship Final D-Class -65,8 kg: tba vs. tba

German Championship Final D-Class -70,3 kg: tba vs. tba

German Championship Final D-Class -77,1 kg: tba vs. tba

German Championship Final D-Class -83,9 kg: tba vs. tba

German Championship Final D-Class -93,0 kg: tba vs. tba

German Championship Final D-Class -120.0 kg: tba vs. tba


First row of seats directly at the Octagon: 69,90 Euro (sold out)
Second row of seats at the Octagon: 59,90 Euro
Third row of seats at the Octagon: 49,90 Euro
Fourth row of seats at the Octagon: 39,90 Euro
Standing room ticket at the gallery: 19,90 Euro (sold out)

Attention! All tickets are e-tickets and can be picked up directly at the entrance to the event on 10/12/2022. We will not send tickets or reserve unpaid. The tickets are also valid for the pre-fights of the German Shooto Championships from 1 pm and you can enter the location from 12:30 pm. From 19 o'clock one receives then with the map also entrance to the evening Gala or can fetch the maps starting from 19 o'clock at the entrance.

A box office takes place only from 14-18 clock, where you may still have a small contingent of tickets available. So you should definitely use the advance ticket sales to make sure you have a ticket for the event.

Great sponsors help us

Without the help of special sponsors and partners such an event would not be conceivable. For this reason, we would like to explicitly name all sponsors again at this point:


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