A bumpy road also leads to the destination...

...at least that's how I try to see it. So much time, as in the last two weeks, I have not sat for ages in front of the computer, MacBook and iPad. The page has crashed twice and has said goodbye in the data nirvana.

However, I am already used to such grief and of course always had current backups from different points in time of the development and so it was (mostly) relatively quickly restored.

The move to my own server has been a headache for me for a while, but I'm happy that I was finally able to clear this hurdle last night. Our academy is now on a server at the absolute No. 1 in Europe and I'm already excited about what the thing does in terms of performance and security. Definitely a good home for our platform.

What stressed me out a bit in parallel was the choice of the right video hoster for our course content. YouTube and the like are free, but were out of the question for me from the start. Yesterday evening, however, this hurdle was also taken with flying colors and we are now also accommodated at one of the - if not THE - best video hoster for Europe. Since a few hours now the complete framework for the learning community of the German Top Team Online Academy and I'm really looking forward to adding the content in the coming days.

The first available course will be from myself and will deal with the topic "Backmount" quite detailed. In the coming weeks, a special throwing and takedown course for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (with kimono) by our Florian Lenz will follow. And also Shooto Japan veteran Markus Held makes the days to record appealing content for the Shooto and Luta Livre in the video.


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