An initial interim assessment from MSI 2020

On Friday night, the 2nd episode of the Maeda Submissionism Invitational aired on YouTube and Facebook and we take stock of the fights after 8 of 28 matches. This is to keep you updated on where your favorites stand right now and who is undefeated so far in the tournament. Especially in view of the upcoming fights in episode 3, this is more than interesting to know with some highly traded fighters.



So here are the battles of Episode 3 and the protagonists' progress so far:

Michael Haupert: 0-2 (Alps BJJ)

The BJJ brown belt from Kempten has had a difficult start in the tournament so far. Especially his opening defeat against Amin (F-KAS Neckarweihingen) by a jumped-in heel hook caused a furor and was quite surprising for some. After he lost in the second fight also by mandatory decision of the referee against Diego (German Top Team HQ), still a small miracle would have to happen, so that he can still play in the race for the medal ranks.

Daniel Tempera: 1-1 (German Top Team HQ)

The "Spaniard" drove against the BJJ Blackbelt Diego in the first fight a super solid victory in under 2 minutes and was justified his role as favorite. However, in fight 2 against the Leglock specialist Amin came the cold shower and Daniel lost in this fight, after everything looked for a long time that he will also dominate this match. Against the physically very strong Michael, Daniel will therefore offer everything to not repeat a "slip-up", as against Amin.

Amin Aichele: 2-0 (F-KAS Neckarweihingen)

"Aminari" has so far been able to shine against two extremely strong people in the field of participants with his favorite weapon, the leg lifts. Both Michael and Daniel had to knock off Amin in heelhooks and technically brilliant grappler goes with proper tailwind into this third round. If he can continue his performance from the first two rounds, then Amin is definitely the "insider's tip" in this extremely strong field of participants and could create a sensation.

Diego Figueiredo: 1-1 (German Top Team HQ)

His defeat in the opening fight against Daniel Tempera was certainly a shock for most, but Diego let in his second match against the over 25 kg heavier Michael nothing and got in a real mat battle the much needed victory to be further in the race for the title. However, with Amin, the "favorite scare", there is a real challenge against him on the mat!

Daniel Brauchle: 2-0 (Alps BJJ)

Daniel enters the third round of the tournament with a flawless 2 wins and 0 losses. Both Sven, as well as Markus, had to admit defeat against the heaviest fighter of the tournament already early, but also had far more than 25 kg weight disadvantage. But the very submission-oriented game of Daniel makes no long feather reading and the reigning German champion has loud claims to the title with these victories so far announced.

Selvin Ramcilovic: 2-0 (German Top Team HQ)

A man of few words and with even less time on the mat. Selvin has also beaten exactly Sven and Markus by submissions so far and spent hardly more than 1 minute on the mat. He himself is considered one of the hottest favorites for the title, but will face a real touchstone in the form of Daniel, who is also undefeated to date. In any case, it is clear that the winner of this duel can be seen quite clearly as a title contender.

Markus Held: 0-2 (German Top Team HQ)

Markus, like Sven, had a difficult start into the tournament. Both met Daniel and Selvin in their first matches and lost in these duels. With Sven, Markus now finally has an opponent of his "caliber" and should be highly motivated not to go down completely in the tournament.

Sven Fortenbacher: 0-2 (German Top Team HQ)

A problem shared is a problem halved, but not in this tournament. For Sven it is against Markus quite clearly about the "class preservation" and both had already delivered themselves in the amateur Shooto cracking duels. In this fight everything is possible and Sven knows that he must step on the gas if he wants to stay in the race.


Interim balance sheet in figures

Selvin Ramcilovic: 2 wins - 0 losses
Daniel Brauchle: 2 wins - 0 losses
Amin Aichele: 2 wins - 0 losses
Daniel Tempera: 1 win - 1 loss
Diego Figueiredo: 1 win - 1 loss
Michael Haupert: 0 wins - 2 losses
Markus Held: 0 wins - 2 losses
Sven Fortenbacher: 0 wins - 2 losses

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