"Enter the Fulcrum" is online

Boo! And again a course goes online! With our now tenth course, we celebrate a small anniversary and Pascal provides us with some great content to go with it. "Enter the Fulcrum" deals with the juji gatame, more commonly known as "armbar". And of course the positioning to it.

Personally, I'm as happy as a little kid at Christmas that the Online Academy and the community are experiencing such a great influx and support. With 10 great courses in about 6 weeks we are setting a really good pace and offer the members in the German Top Team schools a great added value in this "very sub-optimal time" to say the least. With your help, the community and academy will continue to grow and greatly enrich the learning experience for all of you.

But now enough sentimentality sprayed. Don't sit around here, but rather enroll in the new course "Enter the Fulcrum" by Pascal Wagenhaus.

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