Enter the Leglocks is online!

We were really busy again today at the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen and spontaneously held a mini-seminar on the subject of leg levers. Of course, the total of 12 techniques were filmed for you here in the Online Academy, prepared and are now available two hours later as a course.

IBJJF compliant leglocks

Anyone who wants to work on their leg levers should definitely take this course and take their time. I have in the first part mainly leg levers from the Ashi-Garami, which are IBJJF compliant, observed. In the second part, we then went into some more detail about leg levers in the Inside 50/50 and the Top Half Guard.

Over the past few months, I've done some work on the leg levers and execution to eliminate the most common counters and escapes. Anyone who looks at the techniques will immediately understand what I'm talking about.

I hope you enjoy looking at and working through the course and wish everyone a great weekend.

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