Results German Shooto Championships 2023

German Shooto Championships 2023

The Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg was the venue for the German Shooto Championships 2023 last Saturday and Shooto Germany has organized a real record event with this event. Even more sensational was the performance of the participating athletes and teams from all over Germany, who were able to shine with consistently high-level athletic performances. Some of the fights actually made you wonder whether they were amateur fights.

Crisp striking, great takedowns and sophisticated ground game were on display for the spectators to marvel at and more than once the fans in the arena held their breath in anticipation. If this was the standard for technical level in the amateur camp, then we can look forward to the pro fights of the protagonists in the future.

In 44 thrilling matches, the shooters showed the high technical and sporting level that MMA has now reached in this country. As always, you can find the results of all the fights on Kakutogi's Federation platform on Smoothcomp:

Results German Shooto Championships 2023


Academy Rankings of the GSC2023

  1. Place: Buschkamp Bros
  2. Place: 89MMA
  3. Place: Elysium MMA Munich

Image: Whitebelt Photography

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