First Orga meeting "Rising Sun" and event concept

Rising Sun

Yesterday, Wednesday, the first working meeting with our long-time tournament director Bruno Rico was scheduled and together with him I have discussed and brooded about the concept of "Rising Sun" for almost five hours. It quickly became clear that we will focus very strongly on grappling and BJJ at "Rising Sun", but there will also be amateur and professional fights in Shooto and kickboxing.

Place and date

The "Rising Sun" event is planned for mid-March in Böblingen near Stuttgart. Yesterday, we were able to secure the support of a large and renowned fitness studio chain in the area, which will host the event in their premises, which are not open to the public. The implementation of the hygiene and safety standards required by the government is easily possible here and will be implemented.

Hygiene and safety concept

However, the logistical situation of the implementation of the hygiene and safety concept presents us with enormous challenges. All officials, attendants and fighters must present a negative coronal test no later than 48 hours and no later than 6 hours before the day of the event. Upon presentation of proof of payment, we will cover the cost of this test if it is negative. Before entering the event premises, all persons will be tested again with a quick test by a doctor and if this is also negative, the persons will only be granted access to the event premises, which may then not be left for the duration of the event. We therefore create a "bubble" in the venue in which only negatively tested persons are present. As soon as the entire hygiene and safety concept has been worked out, I will send it to here on the website publish in advance.

The fighter announcements will be published in the respective sections of the federations here on Kakutogi and fighters and coaches can apply for participation starting next week. To get it straight at this point, the following event points are planned at the event:

  • Team Competition 5 vs. 5, Sub-Only (ADCC Germany)
  • 4 man tournament amateur Shooto selected top athletes (Shooto Germany)
  • 4 Man Tournament BJJ in Kimono, Sub-Only (ADCC Germany)
  • 1-2 title fights kickboxing (WKA Germany)
  • 1-2 professional fights Shooto (Shooto Germany)
  • 1-2 Superfights with top athletes of the federations ADCC Germany, Shooto Germany and Shidokan Germany

Cooperation with WKA Germany

WKA GermanyPersonally, I am incredibly pleased that in such hard times we can always see that athletes and federations work together for the benefit of the athletes. The WKA Germany under the direction of Sempai Jochen Gieb has offered yesterday their cooperation and support, which we of course gratefully accept. So also selected title fights of the WKA Germany in kickboxing will take place at "Rising Sun"! A strong statement of the two federations Shidokan Germany and WKA Germany, which show in this area for the benefit of the sport an incredibly important sign of a federation-spreading shoulder connection. So goes work for the sport for the benefit of all!

I keep you informed about the further development here Kakutogi up to date!

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