Training for top athletes! It goes on!

Training for top athletes

Finally some good news in the current difficult times! From next week Monday, starting with the top athletes of our School resume training. Currently, I am still setting up the schedules and training options via our booking tool. Starting with Monday, 08.02.2021, athletes from our team who have been qualified as squad athletes on one of these lists will be able to train DAILY.

Squad athletes ADCC Germany
Squad athletes Shidokan Germany
Squad athletes Shooto Germany

The successes of our athletes at national and international competitions throughout Europe and Japan have now ensured that we are once again allowed to train with our top athletes "as normal" in compliance with all hygiene and safety measures, even during the current lockdown.

Training times will be scheduled so that it is possible for everyone to be home before curfew begins.

Of course I am also working hard on a solution for all other members and can only assure you that I am doing everything humanly possible to be able to offer EVERYONE their training again.

For the participation in the squad training, the following regulations apply, which must be observed by all persons:

  1. Only athletes who are defined as top athletes by their successes in one of the three federations and are on the list may register for and attend squad training.
  2. No accompanying persons or spectators may be brought to the training.
  3. All training participants must be completely healthy and must not have any signs of a cold or other illness. In case of doubt, the trainer may also order that one may only participate in the training after measuring the body temperature (limit 37.5 degrees).
  4. Outside of practice (entering and leaving the Sports School), spacing must be maintained, mouth/nose covering must be worn, and it is advised that hands should be sanitized upon entering and before leaving the Sports School.
  5. Training is limited to 10 participants per session, regardless of which rooms are used for training.
    Showers and changing rooms may not be entered and are locked. Sportswear for training must be worn as soon as you enter the sports school.
  6. When visiting the restrooms, washing AND disinfecting hands after using the restroom is mandatory and mandatory.
  7. After EACH training session, the mat surface is disinfected and the room is aired for 10 minutes.
  8. The entrance door to the sports school will be open for entry 15 minutes before the start of training and will be locked 5 minutes before the start of training to prevent entry to the sports school by non-authorized persons, spectators, etc. After the end of the training, the participants have 10 minutes to leave the sports school.

I know that this first "success" for our top athletes is not exactly what the other members had hoped for, but it is at least a small step in the right direction. Please hang in there, stay loyal and stick with the team.

You are also still welcome to check out the training offer in our Online Academy or invite me to your home.

In any case, it goes on!!!


Your Peter

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