European Shooto Championships 2024 in Holland

Today we were informed by Martijn de Jong, President of Shooto Europe, that the Dutch city of Utrecht will once again host this year's European Shooto Championships after 2022. At the last event in the Netherlands two years ago, the Germans were able to shine with two gold and two bronze medals. Last year in Germany, they even won four gold medals.


Professional organization and alignment

Marc Duncan was on site in the Netherlands to present the European Shooto Championships 2022 and inspired the participants from Shooto Germany with a professional organization and a minute-by-minute alignment. Everything in the Netherlands was set up perfectly for the athletes from all over Europe and worked like clockwork. We are therefore looking forward to the next event on Saturday, 01.06.2024 in Utrecht Holland. In the coming days and weeks, information will be published on the website of Shooto Europe and updated so that we can look forward to another highly professional event this year.

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