Final episode

Next Friday is the time: the final episode of the Maeda Submissionism Invitational is set to YouTube and Facebook aired. Over the past six weeks, viewers have watched the six rounds of the first season of this tournament so far via these two channels, which is now culminating in the final episode with the seventh round of the tournament.

While all other fighters have suffered defeats so far, there are now only two fighters without defeats in the race for the title of champion before the seventh and final episode:

Amin Aichele

Amin Aichele (F-KAS Neckarweihingen)

The spectators must have really grown fond of the likeable student. He somehow came out of nowhere into the limelight of this tournament. Only a few insiders had seen him as one of the favorites, but Amin delivered such a powerful performance that all the doubters have now been proven wrong. And his nickname "Aminari" is no coincidence, as the course of the tournament has shown. Out of six submission victories so far, he was able to win five with leg lifts. A clear statement, considering that he was also able to beat two very experienced black belts in BJJ with his trademark. So Aminari went from being the insider's tip to the top favorite in this tournament and the upcoming final episode will show if he can take the champion title in this field of participants.

Selvin Ramcilovic

Selvin Ramcilovic (German Top Team HQ Reutlingen)

He is the man of few words but great deeds. Selvin has plowed through the field of participants in a truly terrifying manner and has been able to achieve the fastest submission victories to date. He hasn't spent too much time on the mat in the six fights so far and only had to go into overtime once against Michael Haupert. In the process, he has shown impressive dominance with each win and has more than lived up to his role as favorite. Especially the variety of his submissions so far show a wide range of techniques. So he is hard to count out and that should be his biggest ace up his sleeve in his upcoming fight against Amin. That he doesn't need to be afraid of Aminari's leg lifts has already been seen. So it will be more than exciting next Friday when you watch the final episode.

Final episode

I've done the work and edited all submissions of Amin and Selvin together as a teaser for the finale episode. This should be more than enough to get you in the mood for next Friday.

At the same time with the end of the season the date for the upcoming Maeda Submissionism Invitational was announced. On Sunday, October 18, fights in BJJ with kimono will be held for the first time and of course broadcast again in several episodes on our channels on YouTube and Facebook. Interested fighters who want to fight for the katana and the title at the 2nd Maeda Submissionism Invitational can apply for participation via the website under "Wanna Roll?".

Maeda Submissionism Invitational

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