Fortenbacher, Drammis and Held on the road in Europe

The shooter of the German Top Team Reutlingen are slowly getting back into the national and international MMA action after the lockdown. Three fighters from our athlete forge are active in the next four weeks in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

Brave FC in Sweden

Sven FortenbacherSven Fortenbacher has hit the big time. He came with the Swedish promotion "Brave FC"and will fight next Monday in Stockholm against none other than the former amateur Shooto European Champion Husein Kadimagomaev. Both have already faced each other at the Shooto European Championships and at "Time 2 Shine" in Switzerland as amateurs and both times Kadimagomaev won on points. In Stockholm it finally comes to the long awaited meeting of the two thoroughbred fighters as professionals. Although Sven has only 5 days to prepare for this fight, he is looking forward to this opportunity and will already fly to Stockholm tomorrow together with me.

Thanks to the support of his numerous teammates, Sven, who is actually in top form throughout the year, is still enjoying a final preparation and is looking forward to the fight with much anticipation. He knows that an extremely tough fight lies ahead in Stockholm, because Kadimagomaev is undefeated in his career and has been able to win all of his 18 fights so far in the amateurs and professionals. But Sven has not been idle since their last clash either, winning the world title in Shidokan Triathlon and also unbeaten in three fights so far at SHOOTO KINGS and We Love MMA.

About the Facebook page from our team, we will keep you informed about the events on site.


Buddy MMA Clash in Switzerland

Steven DrammisSteven Drammis, one of the most promising amateur shooters from our team will compete on 05.09. at the Buddy MMA Clash will swing his fists again in Switzerland. His opponent is the Swiss Robin Bürgin, who will welcome him quasi as a "local hero" in Switzerland.

Actually, the plans for Steven were completely different this year, because originally the South and West German Shooto Champion wanted to compete in the All Japan Amateur Shooto Championships in Odawara (Japan). But since all amateur events in Japan were canceled this year, the young Reutlinger went in search of an appropriate challenge. This came in the person of Robin Bürgin, who is an experienced MMA amateur with seven fights.

Also Steven is practically the whole year through in preparation and diligently in training and so he will be top fit on 05.09. in Switzerland in the ring and set everything to add another victory to his impressive MMA record of 10-2.

Next year at the latest, his debut in Japan at Shooto is planned and Steven has already received the "OK" for his participation in the land of the rising sun from Rumina Sato. So you can follow the development of this young talent with excitement.


NFC 2 in Germany

Markus HeldMarkus Held, the reigning featherweight champion of professional Shooto in Germany, crowns the activities of our athletes with his fight on September 19 at the National Fighting Championships 2 in Krefeld. Last year Markus was in the ring twice against two champions at Profi Shooto in Japan. Both against the reigning world champion in the featherweight Yutaka Saito, as well as against the former world champion and Japanese MMA icon Caol Uno, he drew the short straw, but has with these fights not only a huge amount of priceless experience against the world's elite, but also really made a name for himself in Japan. Now Markus (1-3) wants to fight again against strong opponents in Germany and test how he could develop further.

He has a real touchstone in the person of Amanuel Ukuwait (3-4) on September 19 in Krefeld in front of him. Ukuwait is a strong boxer and grappler from the Combat Club Cologne, who to date exclusively at We Love MMA has fought. In the process, he showed time and time again how red-hot he is.

The entire event will be broadcast live on YouTube by RanFighting and is likely to generate a lot of national media coverage. An enormous incentive for Markus, who wants to present himself in top form and recommend himself with a victory for further professional fights in Japan.

By the way, you can watch Sven and Markus tonight at 9 pm on YouTube in the 3rd episode of the Maeda Submissionism Invitational see. The episode then goes again at 22:30 over our Facebook page live on air. And tonight the two are also fighting directly against each other. Have fun watching!

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