German Shooto Championships 2022 Deadline today!

Kakutogi Shooto

Shooto championships on a big stage

Shooto is ichiban! Next Saturday, the 10.12.2022 celebrates Shooto Germany again its newly crowned champions of the amateurs. On a grand scale with free livestream in the magnificent Gym 24 in Herrenberg in five days the German champions in Shooto will be fought out.

Today is the last opportunity to register for this competition. At 23:59 the possibility to register for this competition and pay the registration fee in full ends. After that the registration will be closed and the brackets will be created. A change is then no longer possible and will not be carried out under any circumstances.

Registration German Shooto Championships 2022

So if you want to be there, you should act fast and fill out your registration completely and pay today. Only in this way can you be sure that you will be at the start of this year's championships.

Free livestream on Sportdeutschland.TV

The media platform of the DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation) will of course again broadcast all preliminaries free of charge starting at 1 pm. The player will be added on Wednesday here on the home page of Kakutogi and so you can watch the livestream directly here on the site in full HD quality.

Unique gifts of honor

Also here Shooto Germany has come up with something and crowns the kings of Shooto in Germany with a custom made championship ring. The extremely massive ring is only made in strictly limited quantities and is an ornament for the hand of every fighter.


Keep all dates and times urgently

We ask all coaches and fighters to stick to the given schedule. As you know, our events always start on the minute and we strictly adhere to the given times. If you are late for the weigh-in, you will be automatically disqualified. The same goes for fighters who are not ready to fight when they are called. We have been working with Smoothcomp for years and all fights etc. are viewable in real time on fight day via the tournament page at Smoothcomp.

Note for fighters standing alone in the weight class

All fighters who have no opponent in their class will be crowned German champion of that class without a fight. However, it is important that these fighters are also on time for the weigh-in and bring the required weight limit exactly. At the German Championships there is no tolerance at the scales. Who does not bring the required limit is disqualified.

SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku free of charge for all fighters and attendants

All fighters and attendants will receive tickets for the evening event SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku and may watch the evening event for free. All final fights of the German Shooto Championships will be held from 8 pm in the undercard of the evening gala. So all participants and attendants will not only see the German Championships, but also the professional fights in the main card.

Shooto Kings

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